13738355@400-1402894654_tnNow that we’re back into the groove here’s some sexy art for ya. Rock out with Pinkie!

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[Alternate Universe] [Romance] [M/F] [Humanized] [Oral] [Outdoors] [BBW]

Author: Steel Quill

Description: Loneliness can weed its way into anyone’s heart, particularly those who carry heavy burdens on their own. Even though she has had her friends throughout her life, Fluttershy still lacked the one thing to make her feel complete: that special somebody to call her own. Going through the daily motions day after day with no change stood to only further dig that loneliness in. But can she find that final piece to her life in the smile of a kind stranger?

Clop Rating: 5

Rekindling the Flame

Additional Tags: Fluttershy Fulfills Her Romantic Wish


[Romance] [M/F] [Selfcest] [Rule 63] [Mental link ]

Author: Marshal Twilight

Description: Fluttershy has always been a timid soul, but that hasn’t stopped her from craving companionship like anyone else. The problem is that she’s so nervous about the idea of having sex that she hasn’t even tried dating yet. Fortunately, her friend Twilight has a solution for her; a spell that can create the only pony she’d be comfortable practicing with: herself. Or rather, himself. Edited by The Abyss

Clop Rating: 5

Open With Myself

Additional Tags: Fluttershy, Butterscotch, Selfcest, Rule 63, mental link



[Slice of Life] [Romance] [M/F] [BDSM] [Femdom] [Submission] [Anal] [Oral] [Human]

Author: Gorgutz

Description: Celestia and her human lover, Anon, experiment with light BDSM in the bedroom. And other places. 

Clop Rating: 4

Celestia and Anon’s Adventures in Submission and Dominance

Additional Tags: Sex, BDSM, Human, Celestia, Clop



[Romance] [M/F] [Breast Play] [Tongue Play] [Anthro]

Author: Cyclone

Description: When Soarin’ is working after hours in the Wonderbolt offices, Spitfire stays to keep him company. However, during their late hours at work, Spitfire and Soarin’ share their emotions with each other and that soon leads to something magical for both of them. The two of them however… got a little carried away.

Clop Rating: 5

Dancing With Flames

Additional Tags: Sexy, Anthro, Boobs, Penetration, Romance.