Ambris is at it again!  A new folio starring the awesome CMC is now in the works!  And it’s setting is a slumber party…  In their clubhouse…  All my yes.

There’s even a special:  preorder now (click here!), get the nudes free.  Can’t beat that, now can you?

No release date as of now, but the more orders he gets, the more pictures he adds to it.  A good incentive if there ever was one, am I right?  More info can be found here!

Also, before you ask, yes they are aged up.  No foalcon in this one.


[Adventure] [Alternate Universe] [Romance]  [M/F]  [Fem-Dom] [Bondage] [Mind Control]

Author: Erol Carlstein

Description: Something is stirring beneath Canterlot . Assigned by his monarch to eradicate the remnants of the Changeling swarm, Shining Armour and the soldiers of the Celestial Guard push deep into the sewers in search of the shattered army. Alone, isolated, and buried beneath the surface of the world, Shining Armour fails to realise that he is not the hunter of this mission, but the hunted.


Clop Rating: 3

A Feast For a Queen

I gotta say, of all pony art, I love artistic pieces like this. How bout you guys?

NSFW below the cut

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