[Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Alternate Universe] [Romance] [M/F] [F/F] [Humanized]

Author: Mr Unsmiley

Description: For better or worse, they made it through finals week. Spirits are high, and adult supervision is nonexistent. Rid of all responsibilities, the town’s teenage miscreants get together to celebrate on a cold winter break. Includes: Party Games You have been warned.

Clop Rating: 2

Attack the Flask!

Additional Tags: humanized, party, comedy, M/F, F/F


[Slice of Life] [Solo] [Anal] [Costume]

Author: TheNorthernT

Description: Fluttershy wakes up one morning, preparing for a special occasion…

Clop Rating: 3

An Outfit for…

Additional Tags: Fluttershy has a fun outfit


A gay drawfiend… called “Gay.” That’s quite gay. Gay drawfiend… This must be like the gayest drawfiend ever made. Obscure references aside, here’s a drawfiend for ya! A request from… someone. Someone who wanted gay horses!

NSFW after the break.

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[Slice of Life] [F/F] [M/F] [M/F/F/F] [Orgy] [Bukkake] 

Author: Gold4tune

Description: Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash are in heat, and none of them have special someponies to help them out. But Twilight has a solution: summon an Incubus! They got exactly what they were hoping for, and in the following days much more.

Clop Rating: 5

Twilight Summons Up a Pounding

Additional Tags: An, Incubus, In, Ponyville


[Romance] [M/F] [Tickling]

Author: Seth Typofather

Description: A dinner at Maud Pie’s house causes Diamond Cutter to question his relationship.

Clop Rating: 4

More Than a Simple Smile

Additional Tags: Maud and her boyfriend fuck.