Here’s a comic done recently by the lovely slypons. It involves Twilight getting freaky with Fluttershy. Also dark magic. There’s that. Check it out after the break!

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Raricow was certainly A Thing, wasn’t it? Quite the interesting phase the clop side of the fandom went through! A certain patron has decided to bring it back, so today we’ve got a Raricow drawfiend for ya’ll! Enjoy.

NSFW after the break.

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[Romance] [M/F] [Anthro] [Sub/Dom]

Author: Canadianbrony91

Description: Vinyl’s been sitting inside for far too long, and Octavia has slowly grown keen of it. Tired of seeing her roommate mope around inside all day, she drags Vinyl to the beach in an attempt to get rid of her grumpy mood. It’s news to no one that Vinyl doesn’t really like outdoor physical activities that much and prefers to stay inside and work on her music all day. Though, after an unexpected bit of attention at the beach, the girls find that there might be a way to enjoy themselves after all with the help of a couple of their fans.

Clop Rating: 5

Sandy Fan Service

Additional Tags: Beach, Vinyl, Octavia, Fanservice, Bikinis


[Grimdark] [Romance] [M/M] [M/M/M/M…] [M/F] [F/F] [F/F/F] [F/F/F/F…] [Oral] [Sub/Dom] [Creampie] [Hypnotism] [Slave] [Squirting] [Futa] [Orgy] [Public Sex] [Rape] [Double Penetration] [Exhibitionism] [Gangbang] [Masturbation] [Incest] [Mind Break] [Brainwashing] [BDSM] [Messy] [Bondage] [Hoof Fetish] [Inflation] [Feminization] [Trap] [Body Modification] [Mind Control] [Humiliation] [Toys] [Orgasm Denial] [Pet Play] [Spanking] [Biting] [Sadism] [Rimming] Yeah…


Description: A secret romp in the Canterlot Gardens unleashes a sex-crazed alicorn, Fylo. After arriving in Ponyville and beginning her fun, ponies that Twilight Sparkle know and love fall into debauchery and lust. It is up to Twilight and Luna to save Ponyville and the ones they care about. Will they save the ponies that mean so much to them, or will they fall under the alicorn’s spell, forever becoming her slaves?

Clop Rating: 5

Burning Up

Additional Tags: Orgy, slave, creampie, mind control, rape


I’m not actually sure what they specifically meant by “food” edition, so I just did what I could. Here’s another patron reward filled with so much clop! Enjoy.

NSFW after the break.

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