[Comedy] [Romance] [M/F] [Solo]

Author: Bud Grazer

Description: Every mare in Equestria has to deal with heat on a regular basis. It just means being hornier for a few days, it’s usually not a big deal. Applejack is just like every mare in Equestria. Except she’s single and has no plan to change that. Wanna see how that goes?

Clop Rating: 5

The Apple of her Ass

Additional Tages:  Aroused Applejack: awkward and amusing.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am the one known as Skeeter The Lurker!  And I am you new member of the amazingly awesome EqAD team.


Of course, if you frequent that awesome site known as FimFic.Net, you’ve prrrrrobably seen me somewhere or another.  In any case, here’s to a lasting, fruitful relationship of clopping.

That sounded wrong but right…  First post’s at 1 AM, look on out for it.

~Skeeter The Lurker  (because I can)


You’ve probably noticed recently that EQAD has been a bit… lacking in updates. It’s been a terrible combination of everyone being busy and just general disorganization, which ended up in long periods of nothing being posted. We apologize for that, and now we’re going to try and put a stop to it.

As of now, EQAD is accepting applications for bloggers! Woohoo. Experience with blogging isn’t required, but a general knowledge of wordpress would be nice.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the team, shoot us an e-mail at equestriaafterdark@gmail.com. We want to know if you have any experience with blogging, how long you’ve been in the fandom, how long you’ve known about EQAD, and who your favorite pony is. If you have any additional information you’d like to give, feel free.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll be back to posting soon.


[Slice of Life] [Romance] [M/F]

Author: Alcatraz

Description: A Photo Finish X Hoity Toity shipfic.

Clop Rating: 3

Pictures And Fashion Go Down South

Additional Tags: Romance, Slice of Life


We’ve got some awesome sexy new griffin designs to kick off this drawfiend. Get your NSFW below!
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