Yeah, no way I’m getting a semi-safe image for this one! This is a pretty late patreon request, but I’m finally getting to it. Rough sex is the name of the game, and there’s plenty of it below. Enjoy.

NSFW after the break.

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[Comedy] [Solo] [Inanimate Object Sex]

Author: Shivered Timbers

Description: Stuffed animals. They’re potent symbols of childhood, treasured gifts from loved ones, detailed icons of craftsmanship, and silent friends onto which we pour our fears, longings and desires. Sometimes, it seems they have lives of their own. When Twilight decides to liven up her palace by bringing an old friend back, she’ll find out that those secret lives are a bit more real than anypony ever imagined.

Clop Rating: 2

When Plush Comes to Shove

Additional Tags: Plushies have needs too, y’know


The much anticipated “Ponk Quest” has had its alpha released! Tiarawhy has been working on this for god knows how long, and now a playable version is finally out. You can check it out here, assuming the page isn’t being hammered!


[Romance] [M/F] [Squirting] [Creampie] [Human]

Author: ArmedBrony

Description: Blake has worked hard all year to get his special somepony the best gift for Hearth’s Warming, but his marefriend’s gift to him will trump anything money can buy.

Clop Rating: 4

What My True Love Gave To Me

Additional Tags: Christmas, Gift, Lust, Love


[Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Romance] [M/M] [M/F] [F/F] [Solo] [Hyper Cock] [Breast Expansion] [Hyper Breasts] [Bukkake] [Butt Expansion] [Hyper Butt] [Cum Inflation] [Hyper Balls] [Cock Growth] [Macro] [Orgy]

Author: Megapone

Description: Horizon’s got a problem. During a night of drunken revelry on this season’s best apple cider, he swore to his friends that he’d be able to nail every eligible pony on Cherry Dun Acres. His hangover might not last all month, but his promise certainly will. Luckily, though, he’s got an ace up his sleeve: a two-foot package that can put a Saddle Arabian to shame, and a signature spell that makes anything—including genitalia—bigger. With the motto “Bigger is Better” at his side, Horizon’s sure to fulfill the terms of his challenge—and get some sweet action while he does, too.

Clop Rating: 5

A Drunken Vow

Additional Tags: Big Dick Pone Fucks Everything