I don’t think I like the implications of that whip there. Are you threatening me? Am I threatening you? Who’s the threat here?

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[Random] [Comedy] [F/F] [Solo] [Voyeurism]

Author: Shivered Timbers

Description: Rainbow Dash and Applejack want Twilight to join in their fun. But what ensues is a hard lesson about consent.

Clop Rating: 3

No Means No

Additional Tags: Impending threeso–ABORT ABORT ABORT


[Slice of Life] [Adventure] [Comedy] [Alternate Universe] [M/F] [BDSM] [Sub/Dom]

Author: Canadianbrony91

Description: The bond between you and your dream mare, Vinyl Scratch, grows more and more each day. However, how will you cope with your secret lover that continues to tease your conscience and the many other mares that still have hidden desires for you? Find out in the second installment of Becoming One With The Beat book two: Assimilation!

Clop Rating: 3

Becoming One With The Beat: Assimilation

Additional Tags: Vinyl, Octavia, Sexy, Funny, Wubz


[Slice of Life] [M/F] [Humanized] [Anthro]

Author: backspace119

Description: Alone is the definition of Dash’s existence. During the day she spends time with friends but when she returns home each night…she is reminded just how quiet her house is. She wishes so badly for a change.

Clop Rating: 4

Lost Now Found

Additional Tags: Dash, finally, gets, romance

Originally posted on January 13th, 2012

80575 - Soarin' artist Mn27 braeburn wonderbolts

[Slice of Life] [M/M]

Author: Quantax

Description: When the Wonderbolts plan a trip to Appaloosa, things just do not go according to plan. Down a few members, they’re forced to push other members of the group into service at short notice, and when the hotel they were trying to stay in burns down, it’s left to them to find acommodation amongst the locals. Soarin’ finds a friendly face in the local orchard-keeper, but discovers there’s more in Braeburn than just an outwardly bubbly exterior…

Clop Rating: 3

A Good Host

Additional Tags: Braeburn, Soarin’, Bath, Horsecock