Story Reading: “Arachnophilia” by Pseudocracy

Here’s a reading of “Arachnophilia” by Pseudocracy, read by Wuten. This story certainly has it’s fair share of obscure fetish material, so consider proceeding with caution. Check out the video after the break!

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Drawfiend 184

We did it, fellas. A 50 image drawfiend. The glory days are here again! Not sure if that will keep up, depending on the fandom’s clop production, but it’s better than 25!

NSFW after the break.

[1] Source

by evehly

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Story: Nightmare Moon is a Super Lady


[Comedy] [Alternate Universe] [Romance] [M/F] [BDSM] [Breastfeeding]

Author: ShamefulHorsefucker

Description: After taking the throne and crowning herself Queen of Equestria, Nightmare Moon engages in a fairly generic romance with her co-conspirator and confidant, Anonymous. What else could ensue other than passionate and personal issue-laden horse sex?

Clop Rating: 4

Nightmare Moon is a Super Lady

Additional Tags: Nightmare Moon needs love too!

Drawfiend 183

I’m spoiling you guys. Today’s drawfiend has 35 images instead of the normal 25. Wow! Slowly but surely we’re getting back to how things used to be. Posts every day, drawfiends filled to the brim with quality clop, pageviews as far as the eye could see. Good times are ahead, comrades.

NSFW after the break!

[1] Source

by billysan727

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Story: Bad Girl Twilight


[Romance] [F/F]

Author: Twidashforever

Description: Rainbow Dash is brash, rude, and cocky; and Twilight Sparkle has finally had enough of it. During yet another argument between the two, they fight about proper procedures, expectations, and rules that have to be followed. When push comes to shove, it leads to a dare: if Twilight can buck the rules for one day, Rainbow will admit she’s wrong and do as Twilight says. If Twilight can’t, she can no longer pester Rainbow about it.

Twilight begins to grow more and more bold in her actions as the day progresses. This leaves Rainbow with no choice but to step up her game if she wants to win. But there are certain lines that—once crossed—can never be uncrossed. And if they do cross them, will Twilight even want to go back?

Clop Rating: 3

Bad Girl Twilight

Additional Tags: Bad girl Twilight, enough said

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