[Slice of Life] [Random] [Romance] [M/F] [F/F] [Solo]

Author: Grand Moff pony

Description: In an effort to understand his late wife’s infidelity, a lonely stallion takes out an ad soliciting other stories of love, passion, lust, and betrayal from the diaries of mares all across Equestria. (A running series of erotic one-shots inspired by the Showtime classic TV series, ‘Red Show Diaries.’

Clop Rating: 3

Red Shoe Diaries: Equestria

Additional Tags: Erotic, Love, Lust, Betrayal, Diaries


[Slice of Life] [Alternate Universe] [M/M] [F/M] [M/F/M] [F/F]

Author: SPark

Description: Welcome to Ember’s, Canterlot’s most exclusive brothel. Only one “girl” works there, but Ember is a changeling, and can offer the fulfillment of almost any fantasy, no matter how wild. That is not all that Ember offers, however. She dislikes the taste of negative emotions, and does all she can to help her clients overcome these feelings. With years of experience with ponies of every type, Ember knows just what ponies need, even when they themselves aren’t always so sure.

Clop Rating: 4


Additional Tags: Changeling, Whore, Celestia, Brothel


[Romance] [M/F] [Human]

Author:  Chelis

Description:  When someone asked Sunset Shimmer for the last dance, It unleashed a series of events that turned what was supposed to be a average night into a memorable one.

Clop Rating:  2

Save the Last Dance for Me

Additional Tags:  EQG, Car, Outdoor, romance, dance,


[Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Romance] [M/F] [Anthro] [Oral]

Author:  Steel Quill

Description:  Maud’s always found her life to be very simple in her work with rocks. She studies them, analyzes them, breaks them, and farms them. Simple life for a simple mare. But being brought to Ponyville for work with rocks means pulling her out of that simple routine. And when you snap somepony out of a simple routine and simple beliefs, you simply might find something better waiting amidst the rubble. Glass Sugar was waiting for such a thing to appear. Maybe he can provide a new spark for the infamous Mare of Stone?

Clop Rating:  5

Sugar on the Rocks

Additional Tags:  Maud Is Stone Cold Sexy


[Slice of Life] [Romance] [M/F] [M/M] [F/F] [Gender Swap]

Author:  Rainedash

Description:  Cadence has grown envious and curious of other types of relationships. How can she truly specialize in love when she has only ever personally experienced one type of love? But she has figured out how to remedy this. All Cadence needs is for Shining to agree, and hopefully keep an open mind.

Clop Rating:  5

Kinds Of Love

Additional Tags:  Gender Swapping Cadence and Shining