[Romance] [M/F] [Big/Hyper Breasts/Ass/Cock/Balls] [Public Exhibition/Flaunting] [Amazon/Mini-Giantess]

Author: Megapone

Description: Trixie Lulamoon and Prince Blueblood are the newest power couple on the Canterlot social scene. She’s got a bustier, curvier body than any noblemare for miles. He’s a muscled, well-endowed hunk whose money can buy any kind of pleasure or enhancement that a wealthy royal (or his mistress) could desire. But for Trixie, big breasts and a great ass aren’t enough to satisfy her. No; she wants to have a body that’s big and curvy enough to match her inevitable future title of “Princess” – and Blueblood’s unbridled lusts and deep pockets are the perfect things to get her there.

Clop Rating: 5

To Be a Princess

Additional Tags: Big busty Trixie sexes Blueblood


[Slice of Life] [Romance] [M/F] [Incest] [Ass Worship] [Facesitting]

Author: Cloperella

Description: Shining Armor has just graduated Royal Guard boot camp, after spending most of his summer in the academy. His mother, Twilight Velvet, is ecstatic that her son is finally coming home with her, especially since her daughter’s been whisked away by Princess Celestia. Readjusting from military life back to a peaceful quiet home might be a challenge for Shining, but it’s nothing some love from his dear mother can’t help him with. As the two rekindle the flames that burn for one another, Velvet finds reassurance that no matter where Shining goes in life, their bond as mother and son will never weaken or falter.

Clop Rating: 5

Velveteen Embrace

Additional Tags: Mother son incest ass worship


[Slice of Life] [F/F]

Author: Kalash93

Description: Nightglider is a lunar guard and is on Princess Luna’s personal protection detail. Out of all the hardships he has faced, nothing calls him to be harder than watching over his princess while she bathes.

Clop Rating: 5

Princess Luna Gets Brutally Banged In The Bath

Additional Tags: Luna Guard Dubcon Bath Maledom


[Slice of Life] [Alternate Universe] [Romance] [M/F]

Author: fluttershysone

Description: It has been a few weeks since your poolside adventure with your beloved and your relationship has only gotten stronger. But when Rarity falls ill it’s up to you to nurse her back to health. But will TLC be the only thing your mare will want from you?

Clop Rating: 3

Life with Rarity

Additional Tags: Life with Rarity is beautiful


[Romance] [M/M] [Rule 63] [Bukakke] [Incest]

Author: Marshal Twilight

Description: Prince Solaris and Discord are very happy together. Prince Artemis isn’t quite so enthused. When Discord notices that Artemis feels left out, he makes a rather intriguing suggestion.

Clop Rating: 5

The Zenith of Artemis

Additional Tags: Rule-63 Princess have sex with Discord

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