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Author:  Cloud Hop

Description: Rainbow Dash performs a double rainboom, and it releases so much awesome that it spontaneously summons Commander Hurricane into modern Cloudsdale. Commander Hurricane then proceeds to fuck every mare in Cloudsdale. Rated Mature because Hurricane’s cock is too awesome for lesser ratings.

Clop Rating: 2

Commander Hurricane Fucks Every Mare In Cloudsdale

Additional Tags:  commander, hurricane, fucks, everypony, cock


Let’s try something new to celebrate the revival of posting on this site, yeah?  How many of you know of the artist known as FoxInShadow?  (For his dA account, clicky!)

Well, he’s got a new specialty folio out now, a pay what you want for 5 delicious pictures.  And with that style, that’s a bargain!

All profits go for hardware repairs/improvements, so why not help out, right?  Click here for a direct link to get you own copy.


Accurate representation of me and a new volunteer.

Whew! We got more applications than I expected, but we’re closed now. After some consideration, we’ve added two new members to our team, one of which has introduced themselves already. Please give a warm welcome to SkeeterTL and The Masked Clopper! Things should run much smoother with them around now.

Skeeter already did his introduction post, and I’m sure Masked Clopper’s will come around later today.

Thanks for all the support, everyone! And don’t worry, even if you weren’t selected this time around, you’ll be considered in the future if we ever need more help.


Hey folks! We’ve added some new filthy cloppers so hopefully we can start posting regularly again. Get some sexy fun below!

NSFW below the cut.

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