Originally posted on January 23rd, 2012


[Slice of Life] [F/F] [Incest]

Author: YamiMarik1994

Description: When Princess Celestia plans to visit the Healing Waters spa, Lotus begins to panic. Can Aloe calm her sister down before the princess arrives, and reveal a hidden secret? Aloe X Lotus one-shot. Yuri and twincest warning!

Clop Rating: 4

Healing Waters, Soothing Oils

Additional Tags: Aloe, And, Lotus, That’s, All

Originally posted on January 17th, 2012


There’s a really super huge gigantic chance you’ve seen this on Equestria Daily, but in the event you haven’t here it is! More Than Chicken by General Mumble. Why is this here? Well, just listen to the lyrics.

It’s after the break.

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[Slice of Life] [M/F] [Massaging]

Author: Whirring Gears

Description: Open door. Let in Coco. Close door. Set lock. Sigh. It was an eventful night to say the least. The cloths and scraps all over the room can wait. The blinking light on the answering machine can wait. The mess of ink and paper on the table can wait. Looking at Coco Pommel, you see the same desire in her tired eyes. All of it can wait until tomorrow. You and Coco just get ready for bed.

Clop Rating: 1

Stars Over Manehatten

Additional Tags: What, In, The, World, Happened


Got another game in our inbox. I couldn’t screenshot the game since it just goes balls deep into Derpy’s mouth immediately. Just like Marilyn Manson’s Saturday nights. Get it? Cause he removed one of his ribs and can allegedly suck his… futa Derpy at the link below…

Futa Derpy


I really love this style. It’s really cute and at the same time Applejack is really rocking those booty shorts. What’s not to love?

NSFW after the break.

Source 1

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