Originally posted on January 15th, 2012


[Random] [M/M/M/M/M/M] [Brony Community] I had no idea that was a kink.

Author: TheBrotasticBrony

Description: Mic, Mic, Mic, Mic, and Mic get invited to a party at a decedent pleasure palace owned by Mic, but the journey there turns out to be just as steamy as the destination.

Clop Rating:  4

The Six Mic’s and the Elements of Homosexuality

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Originally posted on January 13th, 2012

31345 - artist-takua770 celestia Molestia transparent vector

That’s right. Not one, but two songs with the theme of our glorious mascot, Princess Molestia. You can find them both below.

Also, the first one is stunningly similar to a song from Doom, and that makes it awesome, because Doom is an awesome game. You’re wrong if you think otherwise.

1) Sketchy Riders – Princess Molestia Theme

2) LxArtemis – Princess Molestia Theme
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[Random] [M/F/F] [Cheating]

Author: ScousePone

Description: After helping them secure the Equestria Games, Rainbow Dash and Shining Armor decide to give Ms. Peachbottom the thanks she deserves.

Clop Rating: 5

The Least We Could Do

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We got some videos up in our inbox and here is one of them! It’s a Luna x Celestia video with toy fucking in it. Check out the link after the break since I have no idea how to put Flash into WordPress. Continue reading →


I don’t think I like the implications of that whip there. Are you threatening me? Am I threatening you? Who’s the threat here?

NSFW after the break

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