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I’m glad Slugbox never stopped doing pony art, though I think these days it’s just all commission stuff. Oh well, clop puts food on the table for some, I suppose! And it makes everyone else feel better.

NSFW after the break!

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by slugbox

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Story: I Had Sex Today


[Random] [Romance] [F/F] 

Author: Socks

Description: When Twilight gets interrupted with a barrage of unneeded information from her best friend, how can she possibly get out of it? And more importantly, does she want to?

Clop Rating: 2

I Had Sex Today

Additional Tags: Significantly salacious sexy smut story.

Story: Destressing


[Slice of Life] [Random] [Comedy] [M/F]

Author: Flammenwerfer

Description: Stella Sabre, a highly skilled Lunar Guard, is wrongly denied a promotion and this sends her over the edge. Mulling over her actions at a local bar, she meets a celebrity who’s in similar straits. One-night stress relief soon follows.

Clop Rating: 3


Additional Tags: Batpony Loses Her Shit; Unwinds

Story: Sculpting Marble

[Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance] [M/F]
Author: Flammenwerfer

Description: Eric Griffith is to attend the Canterlot School of Natural Sciences courtesy of a student exchange program set up between Earth and Equestria. He accepts an offer by Pinkie Pie to set him up with her family so he wouldn’t have to live in the dorms, in exchange for him helping out around the rock farm and the house in general. Things go about as well as he expects; perhaps a bit better… but the most interesting aspect is his relationship with a certain cripplingly shy yet cute mare, who always hides a violet eye behind her perfectly straight, flowing mane.

Clop Rating: 4

Sculpting Marble

Additional Tags: Dude gets with Marble Pie

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