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[Slice of Life] [M/F/F] [Bondage]

Author: DarkJester

Description: Rainbow Dash gets roped into some bondage games at Sweet Apple Acres, only to discover that Applejack had far more planned for her than she realized.

Clop Rating: 5

Tying the Knot

Additional Tags: Applejack, Big MacIntosh, Rainbow Dash, Bondage

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[Slice of Life] [M/F] [Humanized]

Author: RagingSemi

Description: She’s an evil enchantress. She does evil dances. When she looks deep in your eye, she’ll put you in trances. So what does she do? She’ll mix up an evil brew, and gobble you up.

Clop Rating: 5

An Evil Enchantress

Additional Tags: Humanized, Big Mac, Zecora

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[Slice of Life] [Sad] [F/F] [M/F]

Author: SleeplessBrony

Description: Twilight Sparkle has a crush on Luna, but the Princess insists that Twilight learn some things about love and romance before they make a date. Starts slow, gets more cloppy as it goes.

Clop Rating: 5

Romance Reports

Additional Tags: Twilight, Starts, Dating, For, Luna


[Slice of Life] [Comedy] [F/F] [Solo] [Tentacles] [Anal] [Double Penetration] [Extreme Insertion] [Suspension]

Author: Akumokagetsu

Description: Twilight is finding it a little more difficult than she thought, shouldering royal duties. Being the generous soul that she is, Princess Celestia gifts Twilight a little present in the hopes of relieving her stress. Unsurprisingly, Twilight finds the new developments extremely stressful. Triggers: Do I really have to say it?

Clop Rating: 5

Royal Pets

Additional Tags: Tentales in every single orifice!


Sometimes you just can’t get enough.

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There comes a time in every person’s life where they fight with the technology they have to their last wit, and finally they give up and submit to the soulless code. I have reached that time. What you have before is hopefully the finalized format I’ll be using for Drawfiends. It hurts us.

NSFW after the break.


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[Slice of Life] [M/F] [M/F/F] [Incest]

Author: Your Antagonist

Description: The sexual pressures of adolescence are an exhausting affair for a sixteen year old— just ask Pound Cake. Between an awkward family life and crippling unpopularity with girls, the poor colt can only find reprieve in old swimsuit issues and spent tissue paper. But tonight, fate has something special in mind for the colt and the only question is: How do you want it to end? A clopfic with multiple outcomes.

Clop Rating: 4

Having Your Cake and Eating Her Out Too

Additional Tags: A, clopfic, with, multiple, outcomes


[Comedy] [F/F] [Bondage] [Sub/Dom]

Author: Shivered Timbers

Description: Etta Trix finally gets a brand new desk to replace the one she lost in the ‘incident’. This means just one thing: time to break it in! (This is an unofficial sequel to How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bon-Bon by Presspass. Reading that first is encouraged. The author has requested that I not link to his story, but you can find it on Equestria Daily.)

Clop Rating: 3

Etta’s New Desk

Additional Tags: Newsroom power plays and desks


[Slice of Life] [Comedy] [M/F] [M/F/F] [Anal] [Threesome] [Ahegao] [Facesitting]

Author: musicman722

Description: Chrysalis wants love and Cadence wants a good night with her husband. Surprisingly, Cadence offers a solution that benefits them both, but the question is: Can they keep it a secret from Shining Armor?

Clop Rating: 4

How Love Works

Additional Tags: funny, threesome, Chrysalis, surprise, buttsex

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21106 - artist The_Weaver comic dat_plot guard_pony rainbow_dash

[Slice of Life] [Comedy] [M/F] [Public Sex]

Author: RedDragonKan

Description: Rainbow Dash finds a Royal Guard guarding the entrance to Sugarcube Corner. The guard in question has encountered Rainbow Dash before, but this time, the pegasus mare has another way to “annoy” the guard…

Clop Rating: 3

Teasing the Royal Guard

Additional Tags: Blowjob, Funny, Teasing

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Dash x Hoops, eh? Fine by me!


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It’s short, but good.

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67847 - artist-john_joseco glasses mayor_mare mayor_pony morning_ponies

Mayor Mare edition!

As usual, NSFW stuff after the break!

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Originally posted October 13, 2011


[Dark] [Sad] This isn’t cloppy, but it’s fucked up enough to merit you reading it. Happy Halloween, bitches.

Author: KitsuneRisu

Description: When an ancient and powerful magic is triggered despite all warnings, Twilight finds herself regretting ever going public about her relationship with Princess Celestia. As one by one, all her friends start to change in wonderous and mysterious ways, can she find a way to reverse the spell in time, and still remain friends with her kin and the Princess?

Clop Rating: 0

Love . Sick

Additional Tags: Trick, Or, Treat

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[Slice of Life] [Random] [Comedy] [M/F] [Trees]

Author: Totally_Not_Furry

Description: Before the girls head out to Appleloosa, Fluttershy must say goodbye to the one she loves.

Clop Rating: 4

I’d LIke to be a Tree

Additional Tags: Fluttershy, Fucks, A, Tree

NSFW picture and dramatic reading after the break.

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