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[Romance] [F/F]

Author: Canadianbrony91

Description: Canterlot High has been liberated from evil villains yet again, but something’s still keeping Twilight from having complete closure. After that night at Pinkies house, Twilight’s curiosity forces her to consider some pretty ridiculous yet plausible ideas about Sunset Shimmer. Her feelings towards her urge her to see Sunset again after a few months, but nothing could prepare her for what would transpire. Things quickly turn awkward and heated and Twilight finds herself struggling to hold back her most primitive feelings. What follows is Twilight’s journal log of what she experienced that night with Sunset. (Spoiler alert: Twilight didn’t feel the need to exclude some of the raunchier bits.)

Clop Rating: 5

Binding of Sun and Stars

Additional Tags: Sunset, Twilight, Romance, Cute, Clop


I can’t think of any tentacle puns right now, but if I could, you know they would be here. “Looks like Vinyl’s really tied up?” Hmm, no…

NSFW after the break.

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[Slice of Life] [Comedy] [F/F/M] [Anthro]

Author: Traumkampfer

Description: A Tribute to the adult “classics” of the past, Twilight is feeling oh so lonely one night, so she invites her friend Pinkie to a sleepover. While they relax by the fire, Twilight decides to order a pizza, leading to a pleasant surprise.

Clop Rating: 2

Twilights Life Is A 70’s Porno

Additional Tags: Retro, Comedy, Random, Meat Lovers


[Romance] [F/F] [Bondage] [Sub/Dom] [Tribbing] [Toys]

Author: Marshal Twilight

Description: Feeling down about only winning second-place at the rodeo, Applejack decides to do some work for Cherry Jubilee as a change of pace and to gather her thoughts before heading home. However, Cherry is a kind mare, and when she notices Applejack’s mood she decides to help cheer her up in the best way she knows how.

Clop Rating: 5

A Different Kind of Rodeo

Additional Tags: Applejack, Cherry Jubilee, bondage, D/s


[Slice of Life] [Romance] [M/F] [Anthro] [Oral] [Shower Sex] [Stomach Bulge] [Excessive Cum]

Author: Steel Quill

Description: Some mares are content to letting their lives rest in the background to the world around them. But for Carrot Top, she’s sat in the background for too long. A simple life just isn’t doing it for her. She wants – no, needs – change to happen. Change can’t be done alone, however; but when she finds a helping hand that offers a chance for what she wants, Carrot just might find a whole new side of life waiting to unfold.

Clop Rating: 5

The Simplest Wish

Additional Tags: Carrots Are Good For Sex