The prodigal son returns! I come bearing the gift of a drawfiend, and a bit of an apology for not realizing the site hadn’t gotten any new posts for like two weeks. That’s just me slacking right there, jeeze! Anyway, enjoy the porn. (P.S. sorry if there are any dupes I’m bad.)

NSFW after the break.

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[Comedy] [F/F] [Toys]

Author: GaryOak

Description: Rainbow Dash has been flying all afternoon. When she decides to take a much-needed break for lunch, she sets course for Sweet Apple Acres. Upon arrival, she bears witness to something she was unprepared for, which results in her passing out from a four-hour wingboner. When she wakes up in the hospital, she is greeted by a beautiful doctor, who will administer the best “treatment” of her life.

Clop Rating: 5

Rainbow Dash’s Stiffest Wingboner

Additional Tags: Rainbow Dash gets four-hour wingboner


[Comedy] [Romance] [F/F] [Nurse Outfit] [Toys]

Author: Art Inspired

Description: When Nurse Redheart attends the National Nurse Convention in Canterlot for a few weeks, Dr. Stables realizes he’s without a Lead Nurse, and things are a bit unorganized at the moment. With not much of a choice, he decides to hire Twilight Sparkle to help with filing paper work, along with tending to some of the patients. Little did she know, soon Rainbow Dash would become interested in the job as well after seeing Twilight’s cute uniform.

Clop Rating: 3

Medical Procedures

Additional Tags: Nurse, Outfits, Are, So, Hot


[Comedy] [M/F] [Gender Swapping]

Author: GaryOak

Description: Being encased in a stony prison can be quite boring — and make you dreadfully horny. Experiencing one such instance of lust, Discord breaks free and sets his sights on one young pony couple sharing a romantic dinner. Unbeknownst to Twilight Velvet and Night Light, their night of passion is due for a big ‘ol storm of chaos.

Clop Rating: 5

A Twinkly in His Eye

Additional Tags: Discord interferes with Twilight’s conception


[Slice of Life] [Solo]

Author: Spell 25

Description: Blossomforth’s daily stretching routine is interrupted by sudden arousal. She figures a good tonguing would do the trick, but unfortunately, the only tongue around is her own. Cover art by Megasweet.

Clop Rating: 5

Go Forth, Young Blossom

Additional Tags: Flexible, Pony, Is, Best, Pony