Alright cloppers. Look at that up there. This is the perfect chance for every one of us to prove our parents completely correct. See that shit? Daikimakura preorders, all done by Doxy. If I don’t see one of these up on Fox News the following day, I’m done with this fandom. The form for more information is below.

Daikimakura Preorders (do it filly)


Applejack sure can be pretty sometimes. All that applebucking really works wonders for the glutes!

NSFW after the break.

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1200So, some of the amazing authors out there will have gotten an email from us saying that their fic was on our old site but isn’t yet on the new one! This clearly needs to be fixed (Without driving us all crazy)

 So my minions, here’s what I want you to do. If you remember an awesome fic that was on the old site but isn’t on the new one. Tell the author! Send them a pm or a skype message or a comment and ask them to resubmit their fic here.

And what if you find an awesome new fic that you know needs to be on the site? Well then do the same thing! Send the author a message and get them to submit it! We can always use more awesome sexy clop fics.