[Comedy] [Romance] [M/F] [F/F] [M/F/F/F] [Anal] [Foursome] [Second Person]

Author: Squirrelzkos

Description: Pinkie Pie is leaving you at home for a week so she can go run off to the Crystal Kingdom with her friends. You two lead a very loving romance, tons of sexual exploration. Perfect right? Well no matter what the situation she will not, under any circumstances let you stick it in her ass. Oh and boy do you love the ass.

Clop Rating: 5

Poking Pinkie Pie in the Pooper

Additional Tags: Funny Sexy Long Descriptive Plot


[Slice of Life] [Futa/F] [Massive Breasts] [Hyper Cock] [Excessive Cum] [Cum Inflation] [Autofellatio]

Author: GaryOak

Description: The voluptuous Fluttershy is one pony not known for her athletic ability. But this year, it is Ponyville’s turn to send water up to Cloudsdale via a pegasus-powered tornado, and Rainbow Dash must make sure everypony is doing their part. When Rainbow helps her train, she discovers Fluttershy’s biggest and sexiest secret.

Clop Rating: 5

Hurricane Futashy

Additional Tags: Futashy cums inside Rainbow Dash


I’ll be honest, this wasn’t something I was expecting to post today, but here it is! The elusive Banned From Equestria (Daily) v1.5 has finally been released!

You can find it on it’s official site here, where there’s a bunch of different places to play it, or check after the break.

Update: Someone has gone through the effort to make a handy walkthrough for the game if you’re having trouble.

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Here’s a patron-requested futa drawfiend. You know, girls with dicks. This fandom loves it. They’re all over it. You can’t go two pages on Derpibooru without seeing a mare’s schlong flopping about!

But who’s complaining?

NSFW after the break.

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Bad Dragon is at it again, making another penetrable toy specifically tailored to the brony crowd. Meet Sugar Star, described as “Playful spice and everything nice.”

She comes in a variety of colors, including “nightfall purple”, “dashingly blue”, “Everlasting Night”, and “Celestial Harmony”, just to name a few. I’m sure you can figure out who those really look like!

Click here to find it, and check after the break for more images and her full description!

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