Did someone order cream filling? Apparently so, because I’ve got a patreon request in front of me for creampies! Gooey, white, sticky fun lies ahead.

NSFW after the break.

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Time for a patreon drawfiend! This one is all about glory holes, those magical circles of anonymity that you can get off in.

NSFW after the break!

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[Romance] [M/F]

Author: Neil Degrasse Bison

Description: Who doesn’t love to relax in a sauna? Steam relaxes even the most tense of people, but what could be steamier than a dragon and a pony with nothing better to do? Not much.

Clop Rating: 5


Additional Tags: Dragon anthro pony sauna sex


[Slice of Life] [Alternate Universe] [Romance] [M/F] [F/F] [Prostitution] [Creampie]

Author: Felidae0

Description: Silky Smooth is a seampony, or rather was. And she’s about to make the happiest mistake of her life.

Clop Rating: 2

On the Clock

Additional Tags: Get fired, become steampunk prostitute!