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[Romance] [M/M] [Rule 63] [Power Play]

Author: Kamikakushi

Description: After Dusk helped Blitz come to terms with his sexuality, he thought everything was settled—he could live with being gay, as long as no one found out. Unfortunately, in a small town, word can travel fast and with rumors flying around, Blitz might not have his secret safe for long. Dusk may have accepted who Blitz is, but will his friends? Will Ponyville? And can he live with it out in the open?

Clop Rating: 5

To Be His Mare: Acceptance

Additional Tags: submissive Blitz gets butt fucked more


[Romance] [F/F] [Solo] [Masturbation]

Author: Loyal

Description: For Octavia and Applejack, life has taken an unexpected turn as of late. Join the two mares as they explore budding feelings for one another amidst smoky lounges, alcohol, and the sweet, sweet game of seduction.

Clop Rating: 2

Fallen Apples and Broken Chords

Additional Tags: Seduction, Lesbian, Swing, Singer, Octavia


[Romance] [F/F]

Author: PegasusMesa

Description: Filly prodigy. Master cellist. Star of her generation. Octavia has been called all of these things and more at one point or another in her life, and rightfully so. However, with such successes and prestigious titles under her belt, why, then, can’t she appreciate them? Why does she find herself in the bar night after night staring at the bottom of a whiskey glass? Then, just when things seem like they’ll never get better, a chance meeting offers an opportunity to turn everything around.

Clop Rating: 4

The Cellist’s Gambit

Additional Tags: Not your ordinary cello concert


[Slice of Life] [M/M] [Size Difference] [Frotting] [Large Cock] [Size Shaming] [Oral] [Cum Inflation]

Author: Cosmonaut

Description: Pipsqueak thought he’d have a relaxing day. Go for a walk, grab some lunch and chill out with friends. However, a relaxing day at Rumbles place takes a swift turn for the sordid, once he realizes he’s alone with the stallion, things quickly escalate into a situation much more for sexual…

Clop Rating: 5

Pipsqueak’s Liquid Lunch

Additional Tags: Older, Size Difference, Big Cocks, Blowjobs