Time for another drawfiend! Starting off this October is the lovely changeling queen, Chrysalis. You folks really know how to request stuff!

NSFW after the break.

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Honestly, I’m surprised a RariSpike edition wasn’t requested until this point! It’s like… a reasonably popular ship, right? Anyway, here you go. All aged up, of course.

NSFW after the break.

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[Romance] [F/F] [Solo] [Harem] [Anthro] [Mind Control] [Hypnosis] [Corruption] [Femdom] [Femsub]

Author: Wintermist

Description: Twilight never meant to mesmerise Applejack, never intended her to be bound to her voice, forever vulnerable to a single soft word. Twilight would never take advantage of it. Except, she does need to understand the limits of the spell. And somehow, the limits of what Twilight will do keep shifting. At least she’d never cast it on any of her other friends. That would be terrible. Wrong, to take more and more of her friends under her control. Definitely wrong.

Clop Rating: 3

Friendship is Mind Control

Additional Tags: Anthro hypnosis harem corruption xanatos


[Slice of Life] [Futa/F] [Massive Breasts] [Hyper Cock] [Excessive Cum] [Cum Inflation] [Autofellatio]

Author: GaryOak

Description: The voluptuous Fluttershy is one pony not known for her athletic ability. But this year, it is Ponyville’s turn to send water up to Cloudsdale via a pegasus-powered tornado, and Rainbow Dash must make sure everypony is doing their part. When Rainbow helps her train, she discovers Fluttershy’s biggest and sexiest secret.

Clop Rating: 5

Hurricane Futashy

Additional Tags: Futashy cums inside Rainbow Dash