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[Slice of Life] [Random] [Comedy] [Romance] [M/F]

Author: Remedyfortheheart

Description: The mane 6 are lonely and have barely any experience in relationships. So they all decide to take things into their own hooves. Asking Twilight to come up with a solution. When Twilight comes up with a plan on creating identical stallions to practice on. Things become hot, dirty, and addicting.

Clop Rating: 4

The Colt Inside

Additional Tags: Mane 6 learn love and sex with summoning


I’m sure many of you will be happy to see this! A new Drawfiend after so long, finally. Sorry to keep ya’ll waiting, but the king is back!

(It’s me. I’m the king.)

More NSFW after the break.

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[Romance] [M/M]

Author: Circumlocution

Description: Cadence was far from the first pony Shining loved. There had been several others, some more special than most. But that was all behind him. He was engaged to the most wonderful mare he’d ever met, and his past was just that. But some things are more difficult to let go of than others.

Clop Rating: 4

A Clean Break

Additional Tags: Shining, Soarin, Gay


[Romance] [F/F] [BDSM]

Author: JKinsley

Description: Twilight has some desires she wants Celestia to fulfill, but things aren’t exactly as they seem at first glance.

Clop Rating: 4

Fantasy and Fulfillment

Additional Tags: Romance, F/F, BDSM


[Romance] [M/M] [Rule 63]

Author: CreepyPony

Description: After a long day of doing what he does best, the tired Elusive decides to go to bed for the night. However, will thoughts of a sudden pegasus keep him up longer that expected? Better yet, will things get a little naughty for the unicorn…

Clop Rating: 3

Elusive’s Night of Passion

Additional Tags: Elusive, R63, Rainbow Blitz, Masturbation, gay